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Lenox NachmaniLenox Nachmani
Lenox TowerLenox Tower
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The Nachmani project is in construction and will be finished in 2015 The Nachmani project is in construction and will be finished in 2015
Lenox fully sold the Lenox Tower. Lenox fully sold the Lenox Tower.

Lenox Tower

Luxury design for Offices

The 100-meter ultra-modern luxurious office tower is adjacent to the MOR Medical Institute on Jabotinsky Road and the Ben Gurion intersection. 
The tower is raised on columns of 16 meters height, creating an open urban square and an "airy" façade in the direction of the residential buildings on the opposite side of the street. The design offers its own unique identity in an area of many towers, through the various volume elements, materials, colors and textures that create a different composition on each of three facades. 
To make the tower stand out on the skyline, building volumes were designed up to different heights, which also served to conceal the service systems. 
Ecologically, the open columned floor creates a shaded public space and provides cross ventilation. Open balconies with plants were designed every few floors, to provide places where the tower occupants can relax.
The site was designed by the architects Barre Levie.

Project Sold



The design above is an architect's simulation and may not represent the final actual construction and design of the development.

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