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Mugrabi Cinema ResidenceMugrabi Cinema Residence
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The Nachmani project is in construction and will be finished in 2015 The Nachmani project is in construction and will be finished in 2015
Lenox fully sold the Lenox Tower. Lenox fully sold the Lenox Tower.

Mugrabi Cinema Residence

Defining luxury in the Center of Tel Aviv

The Mugrabi Cinema Residence is a unique luxury residence in the heart of Tel Aviv.

Just steps away from the iconic Tel Aviv seafront on the prime neighbourhood of Ben Yehuda, the Mugrabi Residence will be the perfect location for residents and tourists seeking proximity to the sea, the city center and the nearby shopping areas.

On the site, once stood one of the first cinemas of Tel Aviv, the Mugrabi Cinema.

The development site is located nearby some of Tel Aviv's best hotels, Neve Tsedek and the exciting nightlife of the Tel Aviv Port.

The residence will consist of three buildings on a corner plot of almost 3,000 square meters, surrounded by gardens and very close to all the local amenities.

All apartments will be personalized to suit individual needs and tastes. Lenox will combine the talents and vision of an internationally renowned architect to work with one of Israel's top interior designers to make this development unique and one of Tel Aviv's finest.

Project Sold

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